5 Caricatures not to become whilst invigilating your degree show

By Jena Connolly | 06 November, 2015

Top Tips on Degree Show Invigilation

Art Retail Network spent many an hour wandering between the exhibition spaces of degree shows across the UK & Ireland this Summer. We have recognised that there are quirky Invigilator characters that just keep popping up. We wonder if you have spotted them too? With the importance of making a professional first impression on your audiences, potentially art industry members or art patrons, we wondered how these characters are still haunting the halls of art schools. Don’t fall into the same trap as these guys, try and ensure that you remain professional, approachable and enthusiastic during your degree show. Have a read and ensure you don’t morph into a terrible Invigilator during your big week.


Little Miss Always Charging Devices

Perched on the floor, crosslegged next to a power socket you’ll find her invigilating multiple mobile devices charging from every visible powerpoint.


Art Cop

The guy who seems to think everyone who enters the gallery is going to steal or deface an artwork. He’s got you pegged and he’s keeping the viewing experience nice and tense for you.


The Ghost

We’ve seen enough unmanned little piles of reading materials, mugs of tea, and discarded layers of clothing, that we’re beginning to believe they are being left there just to create the illusion of an invigilator.

"From how engrossed he is in his book you could be led to believe he’s actually a passing Literature Major."

Mr Literature Major

From how engrossed he is in his book you could be led to believe he’s actually a passing Literature Major. But don’t let him fool you, he’s probably read the same paragraph ten times already since you entered the room.  


Miss Only Travels in a Pack

She’s the artist but she wants to make the, seemingly simple, task of identifying her as hard as possible. She’s always surrounded by a pack of beer-sipping fellow art students and family members and avoids any eye contact with audiences.


So now you’ve met the whole gang of poor invigilators you have no excuse for letting precious opportunities slip through your fingertips when it gets round to degree show week. It may seem like a lot of work to be proactive and confident with each audience member in your space, however it is a useful framework to ensure you make the most of the short period of intense exposure degree shows enable.  Do not pester audiences but rather ensure they are acknowledged, engaged, shown where they could find further information on your practice, and leave feeling appreciated.


Banner Image Source: UpSplash Free Stock Photos. Photo by Inbal Marilli

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