A Gallery's 5-Step Guide to Using ActivCanvas

By Fiona Jones | 16 November, 2016


When we talk to galleries about ActivCanvas we often get the response,
“Really interesting tool, but how would I use it in my gallery?”
To help answer that question, we’ve put together a simple 5-step guide.  Of course, there’s loads more you can do once you get in the swing, but this is a good start for beginners.

1. Do What You Do!
You’ve been selling art for 10-20-30 years.  You know how to talk to customers.  So, just talk to them as you normally would.  Don’t change a thing.  

2. Introduce Your App When Appropriate.
Remember, ActivCanvas was designed and developed to help buyers by addressing real issues that come up in the art buying process. Just use it when it makes sense, and is helpful.  For example...
...if in the natural flow of the conversation the buyer wants to learn more about the artist, maybe suggest they use the app to access the information.
...if in the natural flow of the conversation the buyer wants to see more work from the artist, maybe suggest to use the app to  access the artist’s portfolio.
...if in the natural flow of the conversation, the buyer explains they need to speak to their partner, maybe suggest they use the app to save their favourites to show their partner later.

Make it natural. Make it appropriate. Make it helpful.  

3. Follow up in a way that’s appropriate for the customer and feels right to you.
ActivCanvas allows you to send push notifications directly to the buyer through their mobile phone. You have the ability to customise these messages based on the customer, their interests and your style.  You could send a general thank you, answer any questions they may have had, provide more information about the artists… whatever.  It’s up to you, you’re in control.  The best part is the ActivCanvas platform allows you to see the buyer’s behaviour so you can always send the right information at the right time.

4. Keep an Eye Out For Buying Signals
In the ActivCanvas gallery platform, you can view real-time user analytics.  This means you can see if/when buyers look at artworks again, shortlist new works, watch videos, etc. This means you can feel confident knowing that your follow-up will be time and mindset appropriate.  

5. Be There When They're Ready to Buy.
They've seen the artwork, they’ve worked through the process and they are ready to buy.  At this stage, it’s just about making it easy.  Of course, they can call you, or if out of hours they can use the app to quickly and easily make the purchase when the mood strikes, before they change their mind, from anywhere in the world.

It’s not complicated.  It’s just doing what you already do… being helpful, being friendly, providing useful information, making it easy to buy… with just a bit of a tech upgrade.  


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