By Jena Connolly | 06 November, 2015

Every year Art Students in their final year work towards the all important concluding degree show hoping that this sample of their practice will entice industry members and art buyers to patronize or promote them post graduation. Part I of this blog started to outline six must do’s in your year leading up to the ominous end-of-art-school marker; your Degree Show.  Today we’re going to round out the full dozen.


7. Be identifiable

Often, particularly if it is opening night, it can be near impossible to spot the artists amongst the countless arty looking audience members and families. Get together as a cohort and decide how people are going to spot you from the crowd.


8. Invite the Industry

Start to put together a list of art enthusiasts, business people and academics you would like as a cohort to visit your show. Make sure to send them a personalized digital or hard copy invite to the opening. Chances are they are thinking of visiting a select few degree shows and you want to make sure they make a point of visiting yours out of the bunch.


9. Business cards and catalogues:

The art world is divided about business cards at degree shows. I don’t love or loathe them. I am however a lover of the catalogue. I would encourage you to have a catalogue with colour images, statements, email addresses and links. Many art organisations collect these for their records.


10. Practise talking about your work`

Be comfortable talking about your work to a range of audiences. Make sure that you have a few crafted sentences you can go to if you are prone to freezing.  


11. Be there!

I can’t emphasize this last point enough. Your degree show is more than just an opening night. If anyone is visiting from another city they may wait until a quieter day or a cheaper time to travel. That shouldn’t mean that they are greeted by an empty venue. You’ve got plenty of notice, book that week off from work now and man your post!

It’s going to be a busy few months for you but hopefully you’ve started thinking early enough to cover all the bases you need to make the most out of your degree show and the opportunities that comes with it. Don’t let it just pass by, with a little planning and consideration you could turn your degree show audience into a machine for promotion, sales, and future projects.


Banner Image Source: Stocksnap Free Stock Images, Image by: Daria Nepriakhina

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