By Zach Sorrells | 08 January, 2016

Hello.  It’s Zach here.  If you’ve come to this blog, we’ve probably either met personally or you’ve met one of the ActivCanvas team.  Based on your interest, involvement and support, we’ve invited you to participate in our new blog feature, and in doing so, help shape the future of ActivCanvas.  If we haven’t met, I’m co-Director at Art Retail Network and a member of the ActivCanvas development team.

Check it out here: 

The purpose of this feature is to stimulate an ongoing conversation to help move the cause forward.  I’ll share questions, learnings and success stories. 

We started this business because we see too many extremely talented artists struggling to make it as full time artists – this isn’t right.

We believe that artists were put on this planet to create art.  We believe that great art should be seen.  We believe that the world misses out when artists aren’t able to create and share their art. We have a vision for the future – a world where any artist with the drive and talent can make a decent living from creating art.

As we embark on this journey, approaches may change, but our core beliefs will remain constant:


  • We believe artists should create art.  It’s why they were put on the earth.

  • We believe that viewing art “in person” is the only way to truly appreciate it.

  • We believe digital tools can help artists, galleries and art fairs sell more art.  

  • We believe the biggest opportunity is to grow the number of “art buyers”

  • We believe that stories help build strong connections with buyers and collectors.

We can’t solve every problem.  We’ve identified the key areas where  we can make a difference:

  • Increasing levels of engagement and growing audiences.  

  • Making it easy to promote to existing and new audiences.

  • Opening up new sales channels for art sellers.

  • Eliminating friction from the art buying process – making it easy for buyers to say “yes”.

I’ll stop here for this week.  In the next post I’ll share more details of the “how”.  In the meantime, we would love to hear your thoughts.  Thanks for your help.  

“You don’t need to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


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