The Power of Push! 4 Reasons why Art Sellers should use Push Notifications instead of E-Mails.

By Fiona Jones | 04 January, 2017

Getting the right frequency of sales and marketing communication is a challenge for any business.Too much and you come across as pushy, too little and customers forget about you. Behaviour based push notifications may just be the solution we've all been looking for so we can get it "just right".

Behavior-based Push Notifications are messages sent in response to user actions. Starting a one-on-one conversation that recognizes and responds to individual behaviors is invaluable in mobile marketing. After all, mobile is the most personal device people own. Your communications should reflect that.  Most businesses use e-mail for much of their sales and marketing communications. This is fine, but data is beginning to reveal that push notifications have some important advantages. In this blog I’m going to share some of this data about the effectiveness of push notifications compared to e-mail.

1. It takes a recipient on average 6.5 hours to view an e-mail, but only 15 minutes to view a push notification.

Why wait? Sending a behaviour-based push notification garners much more interest and with the average smartphone owner keeping their phones on 16 hours a day you could engage with your clients in real time.

2. Push notifications have an average open rate of 90% compared to 23% on e-mail.

Perhaps you are persuaded by e-mail campaigns and are quite happy to continue. With many creative industry open rates being less than 25% and a click rate of 2.1% it’s not even comparable to open rates of 90% on app push notifications.

3. The average coupon redemption rate for push notifications is 30%, compared to 1% for e-mail.

With a behaviour-based push notification you can target direct deals and offer to your clients with a 30% success rate over e-mails depressing 1%.

4. People check their personal e-mail for 20 minutes/day while a typical smartphone is on 16 hours/day.

We’re all guilty of spending a little bit too much time on our phones, but we as art sellers can also use this to our advantage!


By using a behaviour based push notification you can get a much more refined message accross to your customer that they are more likely to respond to. You can develop a professional but personal relationship that should result in more sales and happier customers.

Want to know how we track our customers behaviours? You'll find out in next week's blog post.
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