Want to get inside the mind of an art buyer?

By Fiona Jones | 04 January, 2017

Art buyers can be a mysterious group. Many potential buyers don’t like to give away their thoughts and feelings, this makes the sales process difficult. As art sellers how can we help if we don’t know what they are thinking and feeling?

What if you knew the true taste of every buyer?
What if you knew their honest budget?
What if you knew their preferred colour pallette?
What if you know their favourite styles?
What if you knew who their favourite artists were?
What if you knew if they were serious about their purchase?

This information would be useful, right?

Equipped with this knowledge, we as art sellers can provide the most helpful and relevant service possible and in doing so, help our buyers find and acquire new artworks.

Of course it’s possible to get some of this information through an ongoing dialogue with the with the buyer. If they are willing or able to share it. I say able, because they may not actually be able to articulate their tastes.

What if there was an easy, non-intrusive way to get this information from every buyer?

As we’ve been building ActivCanvas, we’ve been in constant communication with Galleries, Art Fairs and Artists. They’ve told us how this type of information would help them. So, we’ve made a cornerstone of the platform, we refer to it as the “Analytics” part of the platform. Here you (as an artist, gallery or art fair) can see the preferences and behaviour of buyers.

With this information you can tailor your communication toward your push notifications (why not take a look on our blog on Behaviour Based Push Notifications) to meet their specific needs. It’s simple, the more you know about your customers, the better you can serve them.

The analytics section of ActivCanvas gets you closer to the customer.  

The app and platform create a direct link between you and the artist. You are then able to use the messaging centre to send notifications that are unique to the interest of the buyers. This can be used for reminders, exhibitions, new work or just to start a conversation around certain artworks.

If you're interested in finding out more why not visit our website, read our blog on “The Power Of Push” or e-mail us at hello@activcanvas.com to discover how you can stay connected with your buyers.

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